It all started with an idea in Colorado Springs, Colorado in early 2009 while attending UCCS. Stacie and Matt were both pursuing Marketing degrees, Matt was an avid Web freelancer. It started to just make sense to incorporate the Marketing and Web Design. In a nutshell this is how we got started.

Since starting Microbrew Media in the state of Colorado Stacie and Matt have moved back to the Pacific Northwest to the great state of Oregon. Stacie has started attending the Art Institute of Portland where she is majoring in Graphic Design. Stacie was very interested in Typography and Matt has since taken an interest. This has lead to their newly acquired 1899 Printing Press. The Printing Press allows them to make Letterpress Wedding Invitations, Letterpress Business Cards and much more.

Stacie and Matt have been linked for quite a while. Over eight years before Matt and Stacie got married in 2011 (Check out the Wedding Website Here).